Cult of Luna for AMF Music

AMF Music would like to welcome new signing Cult of Luna to their ever expanding Publishing roster. Cult of Luna, the Swedish post-metal band from Umeå, have returned to the studio, after nearly five years away, to record a new album scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2013. More details to be announced soon.

Slaves to Gravity’s “Mr Regulator” to be covered by South African Pop Idol Star

After coming runner-up in Season 7 of Idols South Africa, singer Mark Haze signed a deal with Universal Music and will be releasing his debut album “Where Angels Fear to Fly” on 27th June 2012. Track 7 on the album will be a cover of “Mr Regulator” by AMF Music signing; Slaves to Gravity. “Mr Regulator” was written by Tommy Gleeson and was one of four singles taken from the bands debut album “Scatter the Crow”, released in 2008.

Watch the Original track performed by Slaves to Gravity here:

Swallow the Sun join AMF Music

Finnish epic death/doom metallers Swallow The Sun join the ranks of AMF Music just in time for the US release of their new album Emerald Forest and the Blackbird on the 4 th September 2012. AMF are happy to announce that as well as the highly anticipated new album, they also secured the publishing for four other Swallow The Sun releases; New Moon, Plague of Butterflies, Ghosts of Loss and The Morning Never Came.

DiRT Showdown Soundtrack for LostAlone

Joining the likes of Kids in Glass Houses, Lower Than Atlantis and We Are The Ocean, AMF Music are pleased to announce that LostAlone’s “Do You Get What You Pray For?” will be included on the soundtrack for Codemaster’s latest release “DiRT Showdown”. The game, available on PS3, Xbox and PC, will be released 29th May 2012 by the creators of the multi-award winning “DiRT” series.

DiRT Showdown is a brand new driving game which allows players to jump into a new world of arcade racing with pick up and play controls, speeding, tricking and ‘Showdown’ finals where players can compete against rivals in a vibrant festival atmosphere. As well as being noted for its addictiveness and adrenaline-fuelled racing, reviewers of the game also make a note of the impressive soundtrack. Reviewers at write: “One of the most pleasing things in

this title, above the throttle-destroying, bone-crunching, testosterone-pumping thrill of a race, which is also often overlooked in game reviews, is the soundtrack. The soundtrack in DiRT Showdown is phenomenal”. While Steve Boxer, at The Guardian, writes: “The music, too, is great – a mix of rock, dance and hip-hop, all with an appropriately furious tempo”.

Watch a clip of LostAlone featuring on DiRT Showdown here:

Fredrik Åkesson and members of The Devin Townsend Project join forces with AMF Music

AMF are pleased to announce the signing of Opeth’s Fredrik Åkesson to AMF Music. Fredrik has been a member of the Swedish progressive metal band from Stockholm since May 2007 and has joined the band performing all over the world including the Evolution XX Tour in April 2010 which saw the band perform a sell-out concert at the Royal Albert Hall. As well as his contribution to Opeth, Fredrik has also co written tracks off the album Optimus by John Norum amongst many others.

Joining Fredrik are Devin Townsend Project band members; Brian Waddell, Dave Young, Mike St- Jean and drummer Ryan Von Poederooyen. Following four consecutive sell out nights in London in November 2011 the band are due to perform a huge show at The Roundhouse in October 2012 where they will be performing tracks from the entire Devin Townsend catalogue. Bassist Brian Waddell, Dave Young, Mike St-Jean and Ryan Von Poederooyen have all co-written tracks from popular Devin Townsend albums, Addicted, Ghost, Ki and the forthcoming album Epicloud.

AMF Music is Launched

Andy Farrow, Managing Director of Northern Music Co., Graphite Records and Omerch is embarking on a new venture launching AMF Music Publishing. The manager of Opeth, Paradise Lost and Devin Townsend, to name but a few, has created AMF Music with a view to providing a full servicing publishing company that takes a dynamic approach to developing artist’s careers. AMF will offer all conventional publishing services through Kobalt’s ( highly efficient worldwide administration system as well as offering artists additional management services that aim to generate record sales thereby increasing the publishing revenue.

AMF’s growing roster currently includes the like of the Derby threesome LostAlone, Trees of Eternity, Slaves to Gravity, Malefice, Sylosis and Irish rockers Mojo Fury. As well as Brighton based rockers Furyon and current member of both Bloodbath and Katatonia Per “Sodomizer” Eriksson.