Mascot Parade


Mascot Parade is a dystopic metal band from Sweden. The band was founded by Henrik BringĂ„s and Staffan Andersson in 2007. The current line-up was completed when Erik Lundin joined on drums and Frej Drake took the role of Bassist in January 2011. After numerous shows in many European cities the band had the opportunity to play at Sweden Rock Festival, playing in front of over 1,200 spectators in 2010. The debut album of the Swedes “Deathmatch” was released on 4 June 2008.

“Cause & Effect”, the second album from the band was produced by Chips Kiesbye (Crucified Barbara, The Hellacopters, Mille Collin, dozers, etc). Swedish Close-Up Magazine called Mascot Parade a “New kind of kick” and “Surprise of the month”.