Slaves to Gravity


Slaves To Gravity came to life in their native London in 2006 after frontman Tommy Gleeson and bassist Toshi Ogawa refused to let the break-up of their previous band halt their creativity. Ignoring trendy musical styles and conventions for something closer to their hearts, they joined forces with lead guitarist Mark Verney and set about paying homage to the music they loved – Nineties grunge and alt rock – with their own sense of style and outpouring of cathartic emotion. The results were as quick to attract critical acclaim as they were a loyal, vocal fanbase. In 2007 their first two singles, Big Red and Meantime – tributes to a the best rock pub in London and intelligent post-hardcore bruisers Helmet’s seminal 1992 album, respectively – both shot into the Top 5 UK Singles Rock Chart. Debut album Scatter The Crow followed in 2008, earning rave reviews in the UK rock press and beyond. Recalling greats like Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains, with a modern, English twist, Classic Rock enthused that “Every one of the thirteen tracks could be a massive hit” while others lined up to praise its “Big brash rock riffs” (Rock Sound) and “Convincing swagger” (Metal Hammer). It also bagged the band the prestigious Best British Newcomer prize at the 2008 Kerrang! Awards, with former K! editor Paul Brannigan proclaiming “This band will fly”.


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